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VR Network

Virtual Reality Network Platform  

Network product description

4-6 facilitated

VR network meetings


8 - 10





Your own VR headset

What CopenX Network Is All About
 Enhance human connection, don't diminish it

Expand your reality with inspirational virtual networks

Humans are social beings and we tend to interact with the ones that share our interests. In a business environment, it’s essential that we surround ourselves with quality individuals that stimulate growth and development. In this regard, a networking group can help fill that void. Networking groups rally up like-minded individuals who hope to propel their business and purpose forward by cultivating knowledge-sharing, co-creation, and potential strategic partnerships  

A Virtual Reality platform for facilitated professional network meetings.

·      A VR platform for networking

·      No travelling - we will send you a pair of VR headset

·      Join the meeting from your office

·      Multinational groups and knowledge – A virtual space has no boundaries!


As immersive technology evolves and new solutions emerge, it brings presence to digital communication and networking,  it allows participants to embody an avatar and interact in shared experiences in a virtual environment and connected in real time, at a public event or private networking gathering.

More Sustainable

Traveling less reduces carbon emissions. Today we do not have the luxury of NOT working as environmentally sustainable as we can – and this applies to all parts of the business - network meetings included.

No more distractions

With VR, you can run more effective meetings because participants can’t look away at their smartphones, and are guaranteed to be present in the same virtual environment.

Optimize your presentation

In VR you can present and interact with  documents, pictures, videos and 3D objects during the meeting. A perfect setting for a hands-on network meeting.

Contextual Relevance! 

Set the scene with exciting locations and interactive  settings. VR meetings offer endless opportunities for the connection between relevant settings that match the topic and theme of the meeting. 

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